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Empowered Movement Studio LLC Welcomes You

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Each and every one of us has a natural rhythm living within, and it’s time to let it shine. Empowered Movement Studio LLC offers fun, challenging and most of all rewarding classes to suit every skill level. What are you waiting for? 

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Our Story

Behind the Movement

Open since July 2021,  Empowered Movement Studio LLC is building confidence and strength within their members and beyond. Our staff is made up of fun, caring, energetic and uplifting instructors.  They have trained/choreographed numerous dancers into confident, well-rounded individuals that are prepared to conquer any stage or dance floor.

Empowered Movement Studio is more than just a dance and fitness studio; we are a
community of women devoted to building each other up through deep connections and
a truly unique, positive energy. 
For over a year, this woman-owned studio has focused on supporting other women no
matter their age, body type, or background. “We strive to create a place where women
feel comfortable. Each of us comes from a different path, including survivors of
domestic violence, sexual assault, mental abuse, body shaming and dysmorphia,
addictions, and more.” We believe that by celebrating women, not in spite of, but
because of their own unique stories, women can truly take their power back. In this
safe, judgment-free, empowering space the owner, employees, and clients fully
embrace their sensuality and come to understand that doing so is more than ok, it is
truly life-changing.
Currently, the favorite class offered is “Exotic Glow Flow,” a black light, neon explosion
of fun expression through dance and movement. “This class is for those still trying to
find comfort in their own skin, or for those who just love the neon glow of a classic
dance club.” With the black lights on the neon colors come out to play. 
Some of the other classes offered at the studio include Beginner Pole, Exotic Pole Flow,
and even “Empower Hour”, a workshop that includes arts and crafts.

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Interested in learning more about Empowered Movement Studio LLC, or ready to sign up for class? Get in touch today.

1210 NW 6th Street 
Grants Pass, Oregon 97526


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